Developing new pet food products: the art and science

00:01:13 | September 2, 2015

Pet food developers create something new by combining ingredients in a unique way or using novel ingredients, bolstering the science of the process.

Pet food formulation and development is science, but at the same time, there’s an art to it, said Serge Boutet, owner of SB Nutrinnov Consultants, during Petfood Forum China 2015. The art come about because pet food developers create something new by combining ingredients in a unique way or, often, using novel ingredients. (See

Boutet also presented sources of ideas for new pet food products and made the case for starting by selecting special, unique ingredients. That means being willing to be a pioneer and try something completely novel, he said, which allows you to tell a new and different story about your new pet food product. Being able to differentiate your product is especially important for successfully marketing and retailing it.

One of the best ways to find novel ingredients is to develop strong partnerships with ingredient suppliers, Boutet said. “This world of nutritional solutions and applications cannot be found elsewhere. Who knows ingredients best than the ones finding, sourcing and/or producing them?”

He offered tips for what to look for in supplier partners, including extensive expertise and experience,; knowledge of the pet food, agricultural and human food markets; access to ingredient sources, producers and products, as well as to research sources such as universities; capabilities to provide unique and distinctive products, processes and service; a network that helps find personalized solutions to meet your needs, personality and identity; and an international supply chain for steady supply and sustainability.

Petfood Forum China 2015 focused on new product development for pet food. It was held August 28 in Shanghai, co-located with Pet Fair Asia 2015. For more information, see

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