Novel pet food ingredient to fight obesity in cats?

00:00:57 | June 17, 2015

Pet food manufacturers may have a new weapon to combat the obesity epidemic in pets: a specific type of medium chain triglycerides, caprylocapric triglycerides. During Petfood Forum Europe 2015, Melinda Fernyhough Culver, DVM, PhD, scientific affairs manager-biosciences for Abitec Corp., explained the metabolic pathway of these triglycerides and their potential benefits for promoting weight wellness, based on recent research by her company.

Caprylocapric triglycerides can increase both satiety—the feeling of being full—in cats, Culver said, helping the cats go longer between meals. They also help boost thermogenesis, or the body’s burning of energy (food). “As they’re processed in the liver, as they’re processed in the mitochondria, it causes more energy to be expended, so you can burn—in the human, it’s been estimated you can burn up to 165 additional kilocalories per day, and that’s by doing nothing,” Culver explained.

Research also shows that caprylocapric triglycerides help reduce adiposity, or a lessening of the size of fat cells in the body, she added. Sources of caprylocapric triglycerides include mother’s milk (especially goat’s milk), palm kernel oil and coconut oil, though Culver cautioned that the latter oil is more likely to have long chain triglycerides, which are not as efficient or effective at helping with weight wellness as medium chain triglycerides are.

Petfood Forum Europe 2015, held in conjunction with Victam International, enjoyed record attendance of more than 200 pet food professionals from throughout Europe and the world—32 countries in all. That represented a 25% increase over the last edition of the conference in 2011. For more information, visit

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