Making pet treats with dried brewer’s yeast

00:00:58 | November 2, 2015

Pet food professionals learned the nutritional benefits of brewer’s yeast and how to incorporate this ingredient into functional pet treats.

During Petfood Innovation Workshop, held October 28-30 at Kansas State University (KSU) as part of the KSU Pet Food Experience, nearly 200 pet food professionals participated in making pet treats incorporating dried brewer’s yeast, a high-protein ingredient derived from the beer brewing process.

At this Workshop station, presented and sponsored by F.L. Emmert Co., participants mixed brewer’s yeast with molasses, oil, dried apples and other ingredients to create nutritional, baked pet treats, with dogs being the most likely to enjoy them. Brewer’s yeast is naturally high in protein and amino acids, so this ingredient offers pet food companies an option for making protein-packed treats.

F.L. Emmert is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, near several breweries. The company partners with the breweries to use dried brewer’s yeast, a by-product of the brewing process that is not necessary to make beer but still offers a safe, nutritious ingredient. By converting the brewer’s yeast to a pet food and treat ingredient, F.L. Emmert helps ensure the sustainability of the process and that little is wasted.

Petfood Innovation Workshop and the KSU Pet Food Experience took place in Manhattan, Kansas, USA. In addition to the Workshop treat-making stations, it featured KSU faculty presenting their latest pet food research, industry experts discussing pet food innovation and Kansas government officials explaining how the state is attracting, supporting and growing pet food businesses and exports. (See

A new Petfood Innovation Workshop will take place during Petfood Forum 2016 (, on April 18, at the KSU Olathe campus near downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The 2016 Workshop will focus on high-meat inclusion and formulations in pet food and treats.